How Many Granny Squares Calculator

If you were wondering how many granny squares does it take to make a blanket, then this easy to use tool can help!

Below, you’ll find a calculator that will help you determine how many granny squares you’ll need for any size blanket. Enjoy!


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Blanket Size

Here is where you need to decide on the final dimensions of your blanket. These can be chosen from our predefined list of standard blanket sizes, or you can type in your own custom numbers.

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Granny Square Size

Enter the dimensions of the granny square you’ll be using for this blanket.

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Total Squares Needed:
(width) x (height)
Updated Blanket Dimensions (in): (width) x (height)

Common Questions about Granny Square Blankets

How many 5″ squares do I need for a throw blanket?

You will need 132 5- inch squares to make a throw blanket that is 55″ x 60″. You will set the squares up so that you have 11 squares across per row and 12 squares in height per row.

How many 12″ granny squares do I need for a blanket?

To make a baby blanket with 12″ inch squares, you will need approximately 20 squares. This will give you a baby blanket size of 48″ x 60″ set up with 4 squares across and 5 squares in height per row.

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