Granny Squares

I started out making granny squares as an easy way to learn new crochet stitches. It’s since grown into a hobby that I can’t stop, so I created This is Crochet (yes, another crochet website) to showcase them. My crochet granny square patterns are broken down by both size and difficulty, which means you’ll find beginner crochet squares like a traditional granny square as well as more complex granny square patterns as well. I truly enjoy making these granny squares and square motifs, and I hope I inspire you to love them as well!

Crochet Guides

Here at This is Crochet I provide guides and tips for crocheters of all experience levels, from beginners learning the basic stitches, to experienced crocheters looking to expand their skills. Most of our guides focus on granny squares and/or crochet stitches.

Most Recent Articles

I’ve been crocheting for the last 15 years, and learning new stitches and making granny patterns are my passions. Here are the latest crochet tutorials and patterns I’ve posted. These are all free patterns for crochet that are useful for any crocheter to hopefully help expand your skills.

Stitch Tutorials

I geek out on everything about a crochet stitch. I’m interested in how it looks front-to-back, right vs. left-hand, and when different yarn weights are used. We have basic stitch tutorials like the double crochet stitch, single crochet stitch and more complex stitches as well. Not only that, but I try to go as in depth as I can with my crochet stitch tutorials so that beginners can learn as easily as possible.