5 Top Easter Crochet Square Patterns

As the Easter holiday approaches, many of us are starting to think about decorations and gifts. If you’re a fan of crochet, why not try making some beautiful granny squares to add a bit of an Easter touch to your home, like these Easter Crochet Square patterns!

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the benefits of crocheting squares and show you how to create cute and colorful granny squares that are perfect for the Easter season.

Easter Crochet Square Patterns

Benefits of Crocheting Granny Squares for Easter

There are several benefits to crocheting granny squares for Easter. Here are a few that we thought you’d enjoy.

Granny Squares Are Versatile

Granny squares can be used to create a wide range of different items, from decorations to gifts.

This means that you can use granny squares to create unique and personal Easter-themed items that are tailored to your preferences and needs.

Granny Squares are Relaxing

Crocheting is a relaxing and enjoyable activity that can help reduce stress and promote feelings of calm and well-being.

By crocheting granny squares, you can take some time for yourself and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of this craft.

Granny Squares are a Budget-Friendly Option

Granny squares are a simple and economical way to create beautiful Easter-themed items. You can use yarn from your stash, or purchase inexpensive yarn in Spring colors, to create granny squares that are both stylish and affordable.

It is possible to create unique and personal gifts for friends and family without breaking the budget.

Granny Squares are a Fun and Creative Activity

Crocheting granny squares is a great way to express yourself and is a fun activity to do. You can choose from a wide range of different granny square patterns and color schemes, and mix and match to create unique and original designs.

So basically, this means that you can use granny squares to create Easter-themed items that are truly one-of-a-kind.

What Can I make with Easter Crochet Square patterns?

We’ve also listed out a few ideas for using granny squares to create unique Easter gifts, such as coasters and potholders, below! You can use the free granny square patterns below to make any of these designs.

Easter Gifts with Granny Squares

Coasters: Create a set of coasters using granny squares in different Easter-themed colors and patterns. For example, you could make a set of four coasters, with each one featuring a different holiday motif (such as a bunny, an egg, a flower, or a basket).

Potholders: Make a set of potholders using granny squares in different Easter-themed colors and patterns. You could make a set of two potholders, with each one featuring a different holiday motif (such as a egg, a bunny, bunny ears, or flower).

Blanket: Create a blanket or throw using granny squares in different Easter colors and patterns. You could make a large blanket by joining together a number of granny squares in a variety of Springy= colors and motifs. This blanket would make a beautiful and cozy gift that would be perfect for snuggling up on the couch during the Spring.

Scarf: Use granny squares in different colors and patterns to create an Easter scarf or shawl. You could make a long scarf or shawl by joining several granny squares in a variety of Easter colors.

Easter Granny Square Crochet Patterns

Granny squares are a great choice for crochet projects for Easter

Whether you’re a seasoned crocheter or a beginner, you’ll love the relaxing and fun experience of creating beautiful granny squares in fun spring colors and motifs.

Take a look below at some of the best cute free Easter square crochet patterns!

Crochet Egg Granny Square

Photo courtesy of Nana’s Crafty Home

This adorable Easter egg square features a colorful egg design made with the c2c technique. This finished square size is 13.5” x 13.5”.

Easter Egg Granny Square

Photo courtesy of Banana Moon Studio

Use these adorable granny egg designs to create a blanket, scarf, or even a jacket for Easter! They are easy to work up and include a written tutorial with step-by-step photos.

Granny Square with Easter Colors

Photo courtesy of Colour Ceilidh Crochet

You’ll love crocheting these beautiful Easter colored squares because they use easy stitches and are easy to work up.

This would be a wonderful option for making an Easter granny throw or scarf.

Easter Basket Appliqué Square

Photo courtesy of Marching North

This Easter basket appliqued granny square is perfect to make for Spring! It can be easily added to a bigger project like a blanket, pillow, or scarf!

A Granny Bunny Square

Photo courtesy of Wiams Crafts

Make this festive holiday bunny granny square with this free easter pattern! Great for joining with the other Easter squares to make a blanket, scarf and more!

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