The 6 Different Types of Granny Squares

There are many different styles of crochet granny squares, each with their own unique look and feel.

They are called “granny squares” because they were originally created by our grandmothers, who would often use up leftover yarn to make these colorful and whimsical squares.

Crochet granny squares can be used in a variety of ways.

They are often used as individual motifs that can be stitched together to create larger projects, such as blankets, afghans, and shawls. Granny squares can also be used to create smaller items, such as bags, purses, and pouches. Additionally, granny squares can be used to embellish other items, such as hats, scarves, and clothing. Granny squares can also be used to create household items, such as coasters, hot pads, and placemats.

Types of Granny Squares

I wanted to explain the different types of granny squares that are commonly made. While they all have the same general shape (uuhh… a square!), that square can be created in a number of different styles.

It should also be noted that a particular granny square can also be a part of multiple categories as well. For instance, a granny square could be made in the “classic” style, but in a tight stitch and in one color that also makes it a “solid” one.

1. Traditional Granny Square

Traditional crochet granny squares are a type of crochet motif that consists of a central circle surrounded by rounds of stitches. These basic granny squares are typically not a solid piece of crochet, but rather a fairly open fabric with holes and loose stitches.

Traditional, or classic, granny squares are typically made using double crochet stitches and are often worked in a variety of colors to create a multicolored, patchwork effect. These squares are a popular choice for many crochet projects, as they are versatile, easy to work with, and can be stitched together to create a wide range of items, from blankets and afghans to bags and pouches.

Most crochet granny square patterns are of the traditional or classic variety. These will be the easiest patterns to find.

Classic Granny Square Pattern

This basic granny square pattern is from Hopeful Honey, and ends up being 5.5″ x 5.5″.

View the pattern

2. Corner-to-Corner Granny Squares

Corner-to-corner (c2c) crochet is a technique that involves working diagonal rows of crochet stitches to create a rectangular or square fabric. The diagonal rows of stitches are worked using any crochet stitch and can be created in a single color or in multiple colors to create a striped or multicolored effect. The diagonal rows should be easily seen when looking at a c2c granny square.

The size of the finished C2C granny square can be easily adjusted by adding or subtracting rows of stitches. It is worked diagonally, usually from the lower-right corner to the opposite one. It is not worked in rows or in the round like traditional crochet granny squares.

This type of granny square is also known as a diagonal granny square or a c2c granny square. A c2c granny square pattern should be accompanied by a diagram that will assist you in following along with it.

C2C Granny Squares

This blanket uses squares made with corner-to-corner crocheting, and uses a Celtic lace stitch to join them into this beautiful blanket.

View the pattern

3. Striped Granny Squares

A striped crochet granny square is a type of crochet square that uses multiple colors to create a striped effect. This type of granny square is typically made using basic crochet stitches and can be worked in a variety of colors and color combinations. Striped granny squares are a popular choice for many crochet projects, as they add a touch of color and visual interest to the finished item.

Striped Giant Granny Squares

The striped effect of these giant individual granny squares is made in the round. This crochet granny square pattern is old, but still one of my favorite due to its wonderful stripe pattern.

View the pattern

4. Solid Granny Squares

A solid granny square is a type of granny square that is worked in a single color in a tight stitch, without changing colors between rounds. This creates a solid, uniform color in the finished square, as opposed to the typical granny square, which has a multicolored appearance.

A solid granny square doesn’t have to be worked in the round. It can instead be created in rows, via more of a gauge swatch style. There is some debate whether a “solid” granny square is just made of a single solid color, or one where the texture looks more filled in and solid.

Solid granny squares can be used in the same way as traditional granny squares, but their solid color makes them well suited for projects where a uniform color is desired, such as afghans, blankets, and other items made from multiple granny squares.

Solid Granny Square Pattern

These easy granny squares are (mostly) solid, but still have a bit of airy space due to being worked in the round instead of rows. This granny square crochet pattern is free and has great photo tutorials.

View the pattern

5. Mosaic Granny Squares

A mosaic crochet granny square is a type of square that uses the mosaic crochet technique to create a geometric pattern or image within the square.

In mosaic crochet, only one color is used per row, and different sections of the pattern are created by carrying the unused yarn along the back of the work. This technique creates a two-color effect without having to change colors in the middle of a row.

Mosaic crochet squares can be used in the same way as traditional granny squares, but the mosaic pattern adds an extra level of interest and complexity to the finished project.

Mosaic Saga Blanket

This hypnotizing blanket granny square pattern is made with 30 mosaic granny squares.

View the pattern

6. Three-Dimensional Granny Squares

Crochet 3D granny squares can be created a couple of ways. The result is that the granny square becomes three-dimensional, and its raised texture creates a layered look that can look stunning when done correct.

One way a 3D granny square can be created is with what is called overlay crochet. Overlay crochet is a technique in which a second layer of crochet is worked through both loops of the stitches in the base layer of a granny square. This technique can be used to create a raised border or edging, or for creating a design on top of the base layer of the square.

This 3D effect can also be created with puff stitches, which are created by working a series of stitches that are grouped together to create a raised, textured effect. This is typically achieved by working several double crochet stitches into the same space, and then pulling the yarn tightly to create a puff stitch.

This can be done in any color or combination of colors, and the puff stitches can be arranged in a variety of patterns to create different effects. Crochet 3D granny squares can be used in the same way as traditional granny squares, but the added texture and dimension give them a unique look.

Square Star Pattern

This three-dimensional granny square pattern features a star in the middle. The free crochet pattern as written produced a 6.5″ square.

View the pattern

Looking For More Granny Square Patterns?

We have several free granny square patterns available. However, if you need more free granny square crochet patterns, we suggest AllFreeCrochet or Ravelry (you’ll need to be logged in to see them).

Granny squares are thankfully starting to make a comeback. For a while there, granny square crochet patterns were hard to find… especially modern ones. My goal is to provide a fresh new take on granny squares can be, and to create easy-to-follow crochet patterns that anyone can make.

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