The Top List of The Best Crochet Pattern Books for Beginners

Below you’ll find the ultimate guide of the best books about crochet for beginners such as crochet stitch books, granny square books and more!

Below we’ll talk about why you should learn to crochet, the benefits and share our list of the best crochet books to learn from.


Why Learn How to Crochet?

There are a few reasons why you should learn to crochet:

  • Relaxing
  • Freedom for Creativity
  • Health Benefits

Many people enjoy crocheting because it is a relaxing and rewarding activity that can be done alone or with others.

It can also be a creative outlet, allowing people to make items that are unique and handmade for themselves or as gifts.

Lastly, crocheting has been shown to have several health benefits, including reducing stress and anxiety, improving cognitive function, and providing a sense of achievement.

The Best Books on How to Crochet

Below you’ll find some of the best crochet books to learn how to crochet as well as crochet stitch books, and books about amigurumi, all of which I, personally, love!

“The Complete Guide to Crochet” by Margaret Hubert

This book covers many crochet techniques, stitches as well as projects to make such as granny squares. It has clear step-by step instructions with photos as well. This is a must-have book for a beginner crocheter!

“Crochet for Dummies” by Susan Brittain and Karen Manthey

When learning how to crochet, this book is a good choice for beginner crocheters. It has clear instructions, and helpful illustrations shown in a light-hearted way.

It also provides tips and tricks on how to get started with crocheting.

“Teach Yourself Visually Crochet” by Kim P. Werker

If you are a person who learns better by visual ques, you will love the format of this book that has detailed instructions with techniques explained step by step.

There are a variety of crochet projects included in the book, from beginner patterns to more advanced crochet patterns.

“The Crochet Answer Book” by Edie Eckman

You’ll love how this book is written. It has a wide variety of frequently asked questions about crocheting. Each of the questions is answered thoroughly by the author with additional tips, illustrations and more.

“The Big Book of Granny Squares: 365 Crochet Motif” by Tracey Lord

You’ll love this fun crochet book about crocheting squares like granny squares and more! There are 365 unique squares with swatches and step-by-step instructions for each granny square design.

If you are a crocheter who likes quick projects and motifs, then this is the granny square book is for you.

The Best Crochet Stitch Books

Take a look at some of the best crochet books about stitches that are a great for beginners as well as seasoned crocheters to explore, since they cover the basics of crochet as well as more timeless techniques.

“Crochet Stitches Visual Encyclopedia” by Robyn Chachula

This stitch book has pictures of over 200 different crochet stitches ranging from basic to an advanced skill level.

If you are searching for fresh ideas for new stitches, as well as edging tutorials, then this is the book for you.

“Crochet Stitch Dictionary: 200 Essential Stitches with Step-by-Step Photos” by Sarah Hazell

This stitch book makes it easy to find specific stitches for any project since they are in alphabetical order. Each stitch has detailed instructions, step by step photographs including charts, which makes learning new stitches enjoyable.

It’s a library of crochet stitches in one place, ranging from basic stitches to more advanced ones like Tunisian crochet designs.

The Best Amigurumi Crochet Books

Below, you can explore some crochet books about amigurumi that are great for crocheters who would like to learn this skill.

“Crochet Cute Critters – 26 Easy Amigurumi Patterns” by Sarah Zimmerman

This fun crochet book includes instructions for 26 beginner-friendly and easy amigurumi patterns. The patterns include crochet animals such as alligators, giraffes and more all the way to zebras.


Now that you have looked over the top crochet books, I encourage you to give one a try, so you can start your crochet journey today. Remember, these books are just a starting point and there are many other great resources available for learning how to crochet.

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