6 Granny Square Patterns for Adorable Baby Gifts

A new baby is a happy occasion, and what better way to celebrate than with a handmade gift? Granny squares are a great way to make beautiful and practical gifts for little ones so this granny square baby gifts collection is perfect!

In this roundup, we’ve gathered six granny square patterns that are perfect for baby gifts. From snuggly blankets to cozy hats and booties, these patterns are sure to delight both the baby and their parents.

Granny Square Gifts for Baby
Granny Square Baby Gifts

How to Crochet a Granny Square Baby Gift

To be able to crochet a granny square gift for a baby, you will need a few easy to find supplies for crocheting, as well as knowledge of basic crochet stitches. Take a look below to see some supplies and stitches you may need.


To crochet a granny square baby gift, you’ll need the following supplies:

  1. Crochet Hooks: Select the appropriate hook size based on the yarn you choose. Typically, a medium-sized hook such as a US H-8 (5 mm) or I-9 (5.5 mm) works well for baby blankets. Adjust the hook size if needed to achieve the desired tension and drape.
  2. Yarn: Choose a soft, durable yarn suitable for baby items. Opt for yarn specifically labeled as baby yarn, or pick a soft acrylic or cotton blend. Depending on your preference, you can use one color or a combination of colors for your granny square gifts.
  3. Yarn Needle: A large-eye yarn needle is essential for weaving in loose ends and joining granny squares together.
  4. Scissors: A pair of sharp scissors is necessary for cutting yarn and trimming loose ends.
  5. Stitch Markers: Stitch markers help keep track of the beginning and end of each round, or mark-specific stitches if necessary.
  6. Measuring Tape: A flexible measuring tape allows you to check the size of your squares and ensure consistency.
  7. Optional Accessories: You might find the following items helpful: a stitch counter to track the number of rounds, blocking tools (pins and blocking mats) to shape and smooth the squares, and a project bag or container to keep your supplies organized.

It’s important to note that the amount of yarn and size of your crochet hook will depend on the size and design of the granny square gift you’re making. Be sure to check the pattern you’re using for any additional supplies or specific recommendations.


When crocheting a granny square baby gift, you’ll typically use a combination of basic crochet stitches to create the square and any additional parts of the pattern that you may need. Here are some commonly used crochet stitches for granny square projects and their abbreviations:

  1. Chain (ch): The foundation of many crochet projects, the chain stitch creates a series of interconnected loops.
  2. Slip Stitch (sl st): A slip stitch is used to join stitches together or move the yarn to a different location without adding height.
  3. Half Double Crochet (hdc): When used in a granny square baby gift, the half double crochet stitch can add texture and variety to the design. It can be used as the primary stitch or with other stitches to create different effects within the granny square. It’s slightly taller than a single crochet stitch.
  4. Single Crochet (sc): This stitch creates a tight and dense fabric. It’s often used for edging or adding stability to the corners of granny squares.
  5. Double Crochet (dc): The double crochet stitch is taller than the single crochet and allows for a more open and lacy design. It’s frequently used in the main body of granny squares.
  6. Triple (Treble) Crochet (tr): The triple crochet stitch is even taller than the double crochet and produces an elongated stitch. It can add a decorative element to the granny square.
  7. Cluster Stitch: A cluster stitch involves working several stitches together into the same stitch, such as 3 double crochets, which are commonly used to make a classic granny square.

Remember that the specific stitches and combinations will depend on the pattern you’re following or the design you’re creating. Each pattern may have its own stitch combinations and variations, so make sure to check the pattern instructions for the specific stitches needed for your granny square baby gift.

Granny Square Baby Gifts to Crochet

Get ready to crochet the most adorable granny square baby gifts with our delightful roundup. From snuggly blankets to charming accessories, we’ve gathered a collection of handmade treasures that are sure to bring joy to little ones. Explore these crochet patterns and create heartfelt gifts filled with love for the precious babies in your life.

Crochet Granny Square Baby Blanket

Image courtesy of maisieandruth.com

This classic granny square blanket features a soothing color palette and a soft texture, making it perfect for keeping a little one warm and cozy. The pattern incorporates simple stitches and is suitable for crocheters of all skill levels.

Granny Square Bunny Lovey

Image courtesy of Yarnutopia.com

Combine the charm of a stuffed animal with the comfort of a security blanket with this adorable bunny lovey. The granny square serves as the bunny’s body, and the pattern includes video instructions for adding cute bunny ears and a sweet face. This will be a treasured gift for years to come!

Granny Square Romper

Image courtesy of Yarnspirations.com

Surprise the new parents with an adorable granny square baby romper pattern, a thoughtful and heartfelt gift. Handcrafted with love, this romper combines the charm of granny squares with the comfort and cuteness

Continuous Granny Square Baby Blanket

Learn how to make a modern granny square baby blanket with this free and easy crochet pattern! You’ll love how quick this blanket works up since it is worked in continuous rounds, you’ll probably want to make more than one for the new baby!

Granny Square Bonnet

Image courtesy of FiberFlux.com

Make this adorable granny square baby bonnet as a shower gift – a crochet accessory that adds a touch of sweetness to any little one’s ensemble. It features delicate granny square details, and this bonnet is as cozy as it is charming.

Granny Square Baby Booties

Image courtesy of Mamachee

Step into cuteness with this charming granny square baby bootie pattern. Handcrafted with love and featuring a classic granny square design, these booties will keep little feet cozy and stylish in every step they take. They are the perfect baby gift!

More Granny Square Patterns

If you loved the baby granny square gift ideas above, then you may like these granny square patterns too!

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