34 Fun and Easy Crochet Projects Using Granny Squares

Granny squares can be anything from simple crochet blocks to more complex and unique motifs, but either way you can use them in a ton of creative projects. They’re good for beginners and experts alike, since there are many ideas you can use them for.

Squares are quick, fun, and can become just about anything you want. Below, we’ll share our favorite ideas for what you make with granny squares, so you’ll never run out of project ideas.

Find our large collection of granny square projects below!

Materials, Techniques, and Stitches You’ll Need for Granny Square Projects

Before you dive into the 47 fun projects, let’s talk about what you’ll need to get started. Making granny squares is pretty straightforward, but having the right stuff can make your crafting even more enjoyable.


  1. Yarn – Pick your favorite colors! You can mix and match, or stick to one shade. Check the pattern so you have the correct yarn weight ready.
  2. Crochet Hook – Usually a size H (5 mm) is a good starting point, but check your yarn label.
  3. Scissors – For snipping the yarn.
  4. Yarn Needle – To weave in those loose ends.
  5. Stitch Markers – These are great for keeping your place in the squares.
  6. Tape Measure – Use this to make sure your squares are all the same size.
supplies and materials for granny square projects and crochet squares


  1. Magic Circle – This helps you start your square without a hole in the middle.
  2. Changing Colors – Knowing how to do this helps to add pops of color and interest to your squares.


  1. Double Crochet (dc) – This is the main stitch you’ll use for granny squares.
  2. Triple Crochet (tr) – For some projects, you might want a taller stitch.
  3. Single Crochet (sc) – Good for borders and joining squares together.
  4. Chain (ch) – this is good to know if your pattern requires a starting chain or spaces.

Learning these basics will help you breeze through the projects. Granny squares are wonderful to make because once you get the hang of it, you can chat, watch TV, or listen to music while your hands are busy. So grab your hook and yarn, and let’s get to make some granny squares.

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My Favorite Granny Square Projects

Granny squares are a favorite project of crocheters (including me!) because they are fun, colorful, and you can make them almost anywhere because of their size. They’re also a great way to use up leftover yarn from other crochet projects you might have lying around.

Granny squares are loved by people because you can do so much with them. Make one granny square, and you’ve got yourself a coaster or the start of a great holiday decoration like our pumpkin square. Or you can join multiple squares together, and create warm blankets, stylish granny-style sweaters, or unique granny square bags easily!

Patterns: Granny Square Projects to Make Today

Take a look below at some of my favorite granny square projects to make that are perfect for you to try!

Blankets and Throws

Get cozy with this pattern section that includes blankets and throws made with granny squares. If you are ambitious, then a crochet blanket made with squares is for you!

Simple Blanket

Image courtesy of Lion Brand

Make a unique throw blanket with granny squares in different colors and patterns. Join them to create a patchwork full of color and texture.

Baby Blanket

Image courtesy of Masie & Ruth

Use soft, pastel colors to make a small blanket for a baby with these beautiful granny squares. Not only is this granny square blanket stunning, it would make a wonderful baby shower gift.

Lap Blanket

Make a small blanket that’s just right for covering your legs with one continuous granny square. This easy blanket is great for beginners to make since it uses only simple stitches and works up quickly.

Home Décor

If you are ready to add a handmade touch to your decor at home with squares, then this is the pattern section for you! Find a couple of my go-to patterns below for your home that all use granny squares.

Pillow Cover

Image courtesy of Nauti Krall Crochet

Sew crochet squares together to make a new pillowcase with this free square pillow pattern. You will need to know how to change colors, but it is worth it for the stunning results this pillow has!

Wall Art

Image courtesy of thecrochetswirl.com

Yep… You can hang some squares on the wall for quick art. A fast and easy way to add a bit of homemade to your home that is great for all crochet skill levels!

Table Runner 

Photo courtesy of Sew Happy Creative

Line up squares to make a colorful runner for your table. This is a great way to add some extra fun to your holiday table settings or every day dinners.


Image courtesy of Turquoise with Vanilla

This project is great for beginners since a single square can be a coaster. These square coasters are not only easy to make, they are a great way to use up scrap yarn too!

Bags and Totes

Get ready to go out in style with these fun crochet square bag patterns! They are great for everyday use, like going to the beach or to school.

Simple Tote

Image courtesy of Purple Poncho

Sew several squares into a bag shape, add handles, and you’ve got a tote. Have fun with the yarn colors to make this project unique to you.

Beach Bag

Image courtesy of Hopelessly Devoted Crochet

Use can bright colors to make a fun bag for the beach, or pick muted colors to suit your style depending on the time of year.


Image courtesy of Crochet and Quilt

Just a few squares can become a small bag for going out, which is perfect for holding sunglasses, lip gloss and more. Find the easy and free pattern below to get started on this beginner-friendly square project!


Image courtesy of Yarn Plaza

You’ll love this free and easy crocheted backpack pattern made with squares! It is easy to make and is perfect for taking with you on the go.

Clothes and Accessories

Below you will find a few of my favorite square projects that you can wear! All of these are free crochet patterns too, so you can make them all.


Image courtesy of Annie Design Crochet

Make a long row of squares for a unique scarf. Add fringe for some extra fun, or leave as is and wear.


Image courtesy of The Cozy Tangerine

Four or five small squares can become a cute headband, which is perfect for chilly Fall and Winter nights. If you love 70s style crochet items, then this is the pattern for you.


Image courtesy of Gathered

You just need to make 6 classic granny squares to make these slippers. Next, seam the edges together to create a cozy wear around the house type of shoe.


Image courtesy of Fiber Flux

You can join squares to make a warm and stylish poncho. This free pattern is a beginner-friendly project that works up easily.


Image courtesy of Han Jan Crochet

Make this easy continuous granny square sweater that is perfect for every season of the year. Layer this square rainbow top with a long sleeve tee for winter or with a tank for spring!

For Pets

Your furry friend will love this collection of pet crochet patterns made with squares! They are all so cute and free patterns as well!

Dog Bed

Image courtesy of Joann

Your dog will love a small bed made of these squares. It is so cozy and a perfect way to make something for your dog!

Dog Sweater

Image courtesy of Yarnspiratios

Sew many squares into a simple sweater shape for your dog. The best part is that this sweater pattern is a PDF that is free!

Holiday Ideas

This is where classic granny squares meet festive vibes for Christmas, Easter and more. No matter the holiday, these patterns are designed to bring some cozy cheer to your space. Grab your hook and let’s add a sprinkle of holiday fun to our crochet projects!

Christmas Stocking

Image courtesy of Sweet Bee Crochet

Use holiday colors to make a granny square stocking with this free pattern. This pattern has simple directions and is a good project for a crocheter who wants to move on from simple row projects.

Easter Basket

Image courtesy of Airali Designs

Make a small basket with pastel squares and fill with your favorite Easter treats. So easy and will last for years!

Halloween Bag

Image courtesy of Divine Debris

Use orange, white, and black yarn to make a fun ghost bag that is perfect for a trick-or-treat bag. I’ll bet you’ll get a lot of candy with this one!

Valentine’s Pillow

Image courtesy of Maria’s Blue Crayon

Just one large granny square can make this adorable love-themed pillow. If you can make a classic granny, then this Valentine’s Day pillow is perfect!

Fun and Games

Think toys, balls and more. Grab your hook and let’s get our game on with crochet

Hacky Sack

Image courtesy of Lady Bug Laboratory

Fill a square with beans and sew it up. This is a quick and fun pattern to make if you want to use up yarn scraps and are short on time.


Image courtesy of Projectarian

Make a pair of crochet dice with squares to use for games to take them to the next level! If you are looking for a simple amigurumi project, then look no farther.


Image courtesy of My Material Life

Make a simple granny square ball out of six smaller squares.

Kitchen Items

Explore our kitchen collection, where granny squares meet everyday essentials. Whip up some fun with patterns for pot holders, aprons, and more. Let’s make our kitchens cozy and crafty!

Pot Holders

Image courtesy of Mama in a Stitch

Double up some squares for extra thickness and make pot holders.


granny square apron
Image courtesy of Lovable Loops

Sew together some squares and add some straps if you wish to make a unique apron out of granny squares.

Tea Cozy

Image courtesy of Meet me at Mikes

Keep your teapot warm with a granny square cozy.

For Babies and Kids

Baby Booties

Image courtesy of Wiam’s Crafts

Small squares can become cute little baby shoes. Use this free pattern and make a pair today!

Seasonal Items

Below you’ll find various seasonal items that can be made with granny squares.

Winter Wreath

Image courtesy of Eye Love Knots

Use holiday colors for a decorative door wreath. Easy to make with simple crochet squares.

Winter Hat

Image courtesy of Drops

Crochet the top of a hat then add a granny square brim, and you’ve got a hat

Summer Skirt

Image courtesy of MJ’s Off the Hook

Stitch a bunch of squares into a flowy, summery skirt. Lightweight and perfect for the warmer weather!

Just for Fun

These patterns are quick and fun to make. If you want a fast pattern then this is the section for you!


Image courtesy of Rich Textures Crochet

A single narrow square can mark your page. Easy to make and perfect to give as a gift to the book lover in your life.


Image courtesy of Whistle and Ivy

Smaller squares can be stiffened and made into pendants or earrings, as shown. Easy and a great way to use up your leftover yarn scraps.

And the list goes on! The point is, granny squares are like building blocks for crocheters. Even if you’re new to crochet, you can start with these squares and make something cool. So go ahead, grab your hook and yarn, and let’s get crocheting!

More Free Crochet Square Patterns

Take a look below at our some of our exclusively designed free square patterns and motifs that you can use to add to your list of projects.

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