Favorite Free 12″ Granny Square Patterns

Discover my picks for the best collection of 12 inch crochet square patterns! From classic to modern designs, find the perfect square for your next project. They’re not only useful in many senses, like for anything from blankets to bags, but they also give you a chance to play with stitches and colors.

Let’s explore some curated free patterns for 12″ crochet squares that I think you’ll absolutely love!

Find the collection of 12″ Crochet Square Patterns below

Things to Consider Before Beginning a Square Pattern

  1. Yarn Choices: The type of yarn you choose can really change the look and feel of a square. Thicker yarn will make a cozier, but heavier, square. Lighter yarn is great for summer projects using crocheted squares.
  2. Stitch Variety: You can use a wide array of stitches, not just the traditional granny stitch. This keeps things interesting and lets you practice new techniques.
  3. Color Schemes: These squares are perfect for playing with color. Whether it’s a monochrome look or a vibrant palette, the choice is yours.
  4. Joining Methods: There are various ways to join your squares—slip stitch, single crochet, or even sewing. Each method gives a different finish.
  5. Blocking Matters: Always remember to block your squares. This helps them lay flat and makes joining easier.
  6. Uses: Beyond blankets, 12″ squares can be used for cushions, tote bags, or even wall art.
  7. Time: Larger squares mean fewer squares to make for a project, which can be a time-saver.
  8. Skill Level: Since they’re bigger, 12-inch squares can range from simple patterns suitable for beginners to complex designs for advanced crocheters.
  9. Gauge Check: Always make a test square to ensure your size is coming out as you want, especially if it’s part of a larger project like a blanket.
  10. Customization: Don’t be afraid to mix and match. One 12″ square can look entirely different with just a change in stitch or color.

So, as you can see, there’s a lot to explore, enjoy and consider before making 12-inch crochet squares. Take a look below at some questions that may arise during your search for the perfect 12-inch square pattern!

Common Questions About 12 inch Squares

Before looking through the free square patterns below, take a look at some common questions that get asked about this granny square size.

How many 12-inch squares do I need for a baby blanket?

For a 48×60-inch baby blanket, you’ll need around 20 squares. That’s 4 squares wide and 5 squares tall.

Related: Check out our granny square afghan chart for a simple visual guide on using different square sizes (3″, 6″, 12″, etc.) to create blankets of any size.

Why are 12″ granny squares are great to make?

These squares are perfect building blocks. Make one for a single square decorative piece, or join several for a full-on afghan. You get to decide… oh and have fun!

How do I choose the right free pattern?

Consider yarn weight, hook size, and your skill level. Make sure to read through each square pattern thoroughly before deciding which one is right for you.

The Best 12 inch Crochet Square Patterns

Now it’s time to take a look at some of my favorite 12″ crochet square patterns below! These squares are easy and fun to make, perfect for all sorts of projects. Have fun!

The Classic Square

Photograph courtesy of EasyCrochet.com

You can never go wrong with the classics. The basic 12″ granny square is a simple yet beautiful pattern that’s great for beginners. It allows you to practice basic stitches while giving you the freedom to play with colors.

Yarn: Red Heart Soft
Skill Level: Easy

The Blossom Square

Photograph courtesy of Kirsten Holloway Designs

The blossom granny square brings in a bit of texture and a burst of flowers. Perfect for those who want to add some flair and floral to their projects. You can find the zinnia 12″ crochet square below to get started.

Yarn: Red Heart Ombre
Skill Level: Intermediate

The Valentine Square

Photograph courtesy of Cypress Textiles

Add a little love to your collection with this Valentine 12″ square. Think pink yarn, easy stitches, and lots of fun!

Yarn: Four Weight Yarn
Skill Level: Intermediate

The Imagine Square

Photograph courtesy of Every Trick on the Hook

Learn how to crochet this gorgeous flower 12″ square with this pattern! This square includes a photo tutorial as well as video tutorials to help with sections of the pattern. This afghan block does use some advanced crochet techniques like the fptr so be sure to go over each crochet stitch before starting.

Yarn: Any Worsted Weight Yarn (#4 weight)
Skill Level: Complex

The Echo Square

Photograph courtesy of The Stitchin Mommy

This square involves some more complex crochet techniques, like the back post double crochet and front post double crochet. It’s a fantastic option when you’re up for a little challenge and want a textured look.

Yarn: Red Heart with Love
Skill Level: Intermediate

With these patterns in hand, you’re all set to start crocheting some 12″ granny squares. So grab your hook and yarn, and get crocheting!

More Free Crochet Square Patterns

Take a look at some of my other free crochet square pattern designs you may like as well.

You are welcome to share your completed squares on social media with the hashtag #My12InchSquare. Happy crocheting!

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