7 Fun & Free Fall Crochet Square Patterns

Fall is right around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to update your crochet projects for the season. Granny squares are classic, but who says they have to be boring?

Below, we’ll go over some beginner tips to make squares, the supplies you may wan to have on hand to make them as well as the free square patterns too!

So, let’s take a look at 7 awesome fall granny square patterns to spice up your autumn season.

fall crochet square patterns

Beginner Tips for Crochet Squares

If you’re new to crochet, here are some quick tips and things to know about these Fall granny squares before you get started…

  1. Yarn Matters: Different squares can look vastly different depending on the yarn used. Bulky yarn makes for a cozier, but heavier square, while lighter yarn gives a delicate touch. Your choice! Most of the fall designs below use a worsted weight (aka four weight yarn) in pretty fall colors.
  2. Stitch Basics: Some of these patterns use special stitches like puff, bobble, or cluster stitches. They might sound fancy, but don’t worry—there are tons of tutorials out there to guide you.
  3. Color Changes: Getting those beautiful fall colors means you’ll need to master color changes. Usually, you switch colors during the last yarn over of the stitch before the color change. Practice makes perfect!
  4. Gauge Isn’t Always Critical: For most granny squares, gauge isn’t super crucial. But if you’re making a big project, like a blanket, you’ll want all the squares to be the same size. So, maybe do a test square first.
  5. Blocking is Your Friend: After you finish, your square might look a little…wonky. No worries! Blocking can make those stitches pop and even out your square.
  6. Joining Techniques: There are plenty of ways to join your squares—sewing, slip stitching, or joining as you go.
  7. Plan Ahead: If you’re planning a larger project, figure out how many squares you’ll need. This ensures you won’t run out of that perfect shade of autumn red halfway through.
  8. Care Instructions: Remember, different yarns have different care needs. Some are machine washable, while others require a more delicate touch. Always check the yarn label, so you know how to take care of the squares you crochet.
  9. Starting Small is Okay: If tackling a new pattern feels intimidating to you then start by making just one square. Use it as a coaster or part of a wall hanging before committing to a whole blanket or project.
  10. Have Fun: The best part about crochet? Making it your own. Don’t be afraid to tweak patterns or colors to suit your style and have fun!

So there you have it! Armed with these tips, you’ll be a granny square pro in no time, but before you get started, take a look at some supplies, materials, and tools you may need to make your fall square.

Supplies for Fall Squares

Here’s what crocheters should consider having on hand for fall granny squares:


  • Worsted Weight Yarn: Versatile and cozy, perfect for fall.
    • Colors: Think autumn shades—burnt oranges, deep reds, browns, and golds. Take a look at Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice for a wide array of fall colors.


  • Size H (5 mm) or I (5.5 mm): These are commonly used for worsted weight yarn.
    • Ergonomic Hooks: Easier on your hands for longer crochet sessions. My favorites are Tulip Etimo hooks!


  • Sharp Crafting Scissors: For clean yarn cuts. You’ll love stork scissors, and they’ll soon become your go-to yarn scissors!

Darning Needle

  • Blunt-Tip Yarn Needle: Yarn needles are an essential for weaving in those loose ends.

Stitch Markers

  • Removable Stitch Markers: Helpful for marking corners or complex stitch counts. Stitch makers come in all shapes and sizes, but my favorite are the simple plastic locking stitch markers.


  1. Measuring Tape: To check the size of your squares.
  2. Blocking Board & Pins: Blocking boards are great for shaping your squares to perfection.
  3. Stitch Dictionary: These types of books are handy for quick reference when encountering new stitches.


  1. Yarn Bowl: Yarn bowls help to keep your yarn in place while you work.
  2. Project Bag: For storing your squares and supplies when on the go.

With these supplies, anyone will be ready to tackle a variety of fall granny square patterns.

Free Fall Crochet Square Patterns

Get ready to embrace the cozy vibes of autumn with this curated collection of 7 must-try fall granny square patterns. From Pumpkin Spice and Autumn Leaf squares to a spooky Ghostly Square, this collection has all the warmth, color, and fun you need to crochet your way through the season.

1. Pumpkin Square

Make this easy pumpkin square with this free crochet pattern! It uses a super bulky 6 yarn and simple to learn crochet stitches, so it will work up fast!

2. Autumn Leaf Square

Photograph courtesy of Repeat Crafter Me

Capture the essence of falling leaves with a leaf motif at the center. This square uses easy crochet techniques and stitches to make a leaf pattern pop. Opt for yellows, reds, and browns to make a variety of fall leave squares to form a blanket!

3. Sunflower Square

Photograph courtesy of Okie Girl Bling n Things

Keep a bit of summer alive! Bright yellows and earthy browns mimic a sunflower. Cluster stitches create the flower, while simple double crochets make up the background.

4. Tartan Plaid Square

Photograph courtesy of Whistle & Ivy

Rock that classic fall tartan look! Use tapestry crochet for color changes to mimic a plaid pattern. Choose a traditional red and green, or go modern with whites and gray.

5. Halloween Ghost Square

Photograph courtesy of EasyCrochet.com

Get your spook on with this Ghostly Delight Square! This Halloween square features an adorable ghost motif right at the center, perfect for adding a touch of Halloween magic to your fall crochet square lineup.

6. Coffee Cup Square

Photo courtesy of Divine Debris

For the coffee lovers, here’s your fix! Create a mini coffee cup in the center using the c2c stitch technique. The color palette? Think mochas, caramels, and creams. Perfect for Fall!

7. Pumpkin Spice Granny Square

Photograph courtesy of Maria’s Blue Crayon

Nothing screams fall like a pumpkin spice latte, right? This pattern features a rich orange yarn. It uses simple stitches to create a “pumpkin” in the center.

I hope these Fall square patterns inspire you to pick up your hook and some cozy yarns. Have fun crocheting your way through fall!

More Free Crochet Square Patterns


  1. Do you offer a very easy shawl pattern? I have not crocheted in many many years and thought that might be a stress reliever, if it is easy.

  2. At first I thought your pumpkin granny square was an apple! I’m going to use some red to add this to my quilt with your other ideas. Thanks for this tutorial!

    1. Hi Debbie,
      That is funny, you say that. My daughter thought it was an apple too! I might need to remake this with a red to see how it turns out. You are very welcome and I hope your quilt turns out lovely!


  3. Another huge THANK YOU for sharing those ideas! Gave at least this one “older lady!” a great change up on some original patterns! Can’t wait to try them all!! Thanks again.

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