7 Beautiful Granny Square Patterns for Blankets

Granny squares are a classic crochet pattern that have been enjoyed by crafters for generations. These motifs can be used to create all sorts of beautiful projects, from blankets and afghans to shawls, scarves, and more.

In this post, we’ll explore some of the most beautiful granny square blankets you can make, along with tips and techniques for creating your own. Keep on reading to find our curated collection of granny square patterns for blankets!

Crochet Granny Square Patterns for Blankets (All free)
Granny Square Patterns for Blankets

How to Make a Granny Square Blanket

The most common granny square crochet project is the afghan. A carefully constructed granny square blanket will quickly become an heirloom that will be cherished for years to come.

Here are some of the basic steps you’ll need to get started creating one.

Gather Materials

The first thing to consider when making a crochet granny square blanket is the yarn and hook size you’ll use. The most common materials used for a granny blanket are a worsted weight yarn and a size H (5 mm) crochet hook. This will create a medium-sized granny square with a nice drape and texture.

You can also experiment with different yarn weights and hook sizes to create different effects – a lighter yarn and smaller hook will create a finer, more delicate granny square, while a heavier yarn and larger hook will create a thicker, chunkier square.

Shape & Size of Blanket

Next, decide on the size and shape of your blanket. A traditional granny square blanket is made up of a series of squares that are joined to form a rectangular shape. This is the most common shape.

The size you choose, however, depends on what the granny square blanket will be used for. The most common size of a granny square blanket is the afghan. Commonly, you’ll find afghans made at 50 x 65 inches (127 x 165 cm). Smaller versions called lapghans or lap blankets usually come in around 36 x 48 inches (92 x 122 cm).

You can also make granny square blankets in other shapes, such as circles, triangles, or hexagons. You can also vary the size of the squares to create interesting visual effects.

Pick Granny Square Designs

Once you’ve decided on the size and shape of your blanket, it’s time to start crocheting the squares. There are countless free granny square patterns to pick from, so you are welcome to experiment and find the one that suits your style and skill level. However, once you find the granny square pattern you like the most, you’ll typically use that same style for the entire blanket.

You’ll need to enough crochet granny squares to fit your blanket size. It typically takes about 15–20 minutes to crochet a granny square, so give yourself enough time when planning your blanket.

We have several granny square patterns available. However, if you need more granny square crochet patterns, we suggest AllFreeCrochet or Ravelry (you’ll need to be logged in to see them).

Join Squares Together

Once you’ve crocheted all of your squares, it’s time to join them together. There are many techniques you can use to join granny squares, such as the slip stitch join, the single crochet joins, and the invisible join. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, so pick the one that works best for your project.

Add Finishing Touches

Finally, add the finishing touches to your granny square blanket. You can add a border around the edge of the blanket to give it a polished look and prevent the squares from curling. You can also add fringe or tassels to the corners or along the edges for a decorative touch.

Beautiful Granny Square Blanket Patterns

Take a look below at some of the best granny square blankets you can make that are not only beautiful, but free crochet patterns as well. Enjoy!

Continuous Granny Square Blanket

Learn how to crochet a blanket made with one granny square with this free pattern. It can be crocheted quickly and is the perfect pattern for a new crocheter to try. If you love simple blanket patterns then this one is it!

Classic Granny Square Blanket

Photo courtesy of Maria’s Blue Crayon

This is the quintessential granny square blanket pattern, made up of a series of squares joined to create a rectangular shape. The classic granny square features a series of double crochet stitches arranged in a circular pattern, with a round of shell crochet stitches around the edge to define the shape.

Moss Stitch Granny Square Blanket

Photo courtesy of This Pixie Creates

The moss stitch granny square is a variation on the classic pattern that uses a combination of single crochet and double crochet stitches to create a textured, moss-like surface. This pattern is a great choice if you want to add a bit of visual interest to your blanket. It also looks very much like a solid granny square due to the use of the tightly woven moss stitch.

Popcorn Granny Square Blanket

Photo courtesy of Hooked By Robin

The popcorn granny square is another variation on the classic pattern that uses a series of popcorn stitches to create a raised, three-dimensional flower. This granny square pattern is a bit more challenging to work than the classic granny square, but the results are stunning – the popcorn stitches add a beautiful, intricate texture to your blanket.

Circle Granny Square Baby Blanket

Photo courtesy of Dream A Little Bigger

This pattern is a departure from the traditional rectangular granny square baby blanket, using a series of granny squares with circles in the middle. This pattern is a great way to add a bit of visual interest and variety to your blanket, and it’s a fun challenge for more crocheters.

Hexagon Granny Square Blanket

Photo courtesy of Cookie Snob Crochet

The hexagon granny square blanket is another interesting variation on the classic rectangular pattern, using a series of hexagonal granny squares to create a hexagonal shape. This pattern is a great way to add a bit of visual interest and complexity to your crochet blanket, and it’s a fun challenge for more advanced crocheters.

Ombre Granny Square Blanket

Photo courtesy of Haak Maar Raak

The ombre granny square blanket uses a gradient of colors to create a beautiful, gradual color shift across your blanket. This pattern is a bit more challenging because it needs 135 granny squares, but the results are worth it. The ombre effect is stunning and adds a modern, sophisticated touch to your home.

More Free Granny Square Patterns


  1. Thank you for sharing this site. I never liked to make a granny until my mother asked me if I would be willing to finish a granny square blanket that she started but couldn’t finish due to issues with her hands. After completing it and seeing how beautiful it was, I fell in love with the granny square.

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