9 Cozy Fall Colors to Use in Your Next Crochet Square Project

Fall is in the air, and if you’re like me, you’re itching to start a new crochet project. But before we jump in, let’s talk yarn colors.

Here are 9 cozy fall colors to consider for your next Fall crochet square design.

fall colors for crochet squares
The Best Fall Colors for Crochet Squares

Fall Colors for Crochet Squares

Take a look below to find some of my top yarn picks for Fall that will make your crochet squares pop!

1. Burnt Orange

This color screams pumpkins, leaves, and everything fall. It’s rich and vibrant, adding a pop of autumnal color to any project. If you want a yarn line that has amazing color and is affordable, then Vanna’s Choice is the one for you! Take a look at this stunning fall yarn color below in orange.

Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Terracotta

2. Mustard Yellow

Think golden leaves and late harvests. Mustard yellow brings warmth and a rustic feel that’s perfect for the season. Feels like Alpaca from Lion Brand shows off this golden mustard color for Fall, plus it is soft, so you’ll want to add this to your yarn collection.

Lion Brand Touch of Alpaca in Mustard

3. Deep Burgundy

Evoking the hues of cranberries and autumn sunsets, a deep burgundy adds a touch of sophistication to your squares. Shown below is a four weight yarn from Red Heart in the color Burgundy that highlights this beautiful yarn color for Fall.

Red Heart Super Saver Burgundy

Related: Another one of my favorites is from Lion Brand’s Heartland yarn collection in the color Badlands.

4. Olive Green

This muted, earthy green complements other fall colors beautifully. It adds depth to squares and mixes well with other shades for Fall. If you want to try this yarn color, then you may like Basic Stitch Anti-Pilling in Olive from Lion Brand.

Lion Brand Basic Stitch in Olive

5. Chocolate Brown

An ultimate neutral for fall! Chocolate brown serves as a great background for brighter colors and adds a cozy, earthy tone. This color would work great for stems, sunflower centers and much more! Take a look at Caron Simply Soft in Brown.

Caron Simply Soft in Brown

6. Slate Gray

A cooler neutral, slate gray can bring balance to brighter, more vibrant fall colors, giving your project a modern twist. One of my favorites to use is Pound of Love by Lion Brand because it is not only easy to use but has a considerable amount of yardage too.

Pound of Love by Lion Brand in Elephant Gray

7. Teal

For a dash of unexpected color, incorporate some teal. It pairs well with oranges and browns, offering a contrasting pop. This is a fun color to use if you want to try something out of the ordinary for Fall, that will also look great, too. One of my favorites to use is Red Heart Soft in Teal.

Red Heart Soft Teal

8. Cream or Beige

Softer neutrals like cream or beige can serve as excellent base colors. They make more vibrant colors stand out and add a comforting feel. You can see an example of crème used as a base in our pumpkin square.

Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in Fisherman

9. Ruby Red

Finally, ruby red offers a striking option that pairs well with darker neutrals and adds a sense of festivity to crochet squares for Fall. You can see red being used in this fall blanket and how it adds something extra.

Vanna’s Choice by Lion Brand in Cranberry

Bonus Tip: Mixing and Matching

Don’t be afraid to mix these colors in unique ways to create your own fall palette. Stripes, borders, and even color-blocked squares can bring a fun, personalized touch to your project.

Choosing the right colors can elevate your crochet squares from ordinary to extraordinary. So grab those skeins in your favorite fall hues, and let’s make this season a colorful one!

Crochet Square Patterns to Make

I hope you find these yarn color ideas inspiring for your next crochet project. I picked a few crochet squares that you may like below. Happy crocheting!

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