Granny Square Crochet Pattern Diagram (Easy to Read)

If you are looking for a classic granny square crochet pattern diagram, then this is the post for you! The finished square below makes a 4″ x 4″ square when using the recommended yarn and hook.

Below we’ll share a crochet diagram for beginners for a granny square with explanations of the crochet symbols! As a bonus, you can also find a free printable diagram you can use for on the go crocheting of granny squares.

Basic Granny Square Pattern Diagram Chart in US terms
Make this easy granny square with our free printable chart below!

This crochet chart is a perfect companion to our basic granny square pattern and can be used along with it for extra help with crocheting. Once you make these granny squares, you can join them together to make a blanket, bag, pillow or more!

Stitches & Symbols in a Granny Square Chart

You will see some common crochet stitches used in a basic granny square, such as the double crochet stitch, the chain stitch, and the slip stitch. Below, take a look at the stitches in more detail to learn how to read a stitch chart in crochet.

How to Double Crochet (dc): 

  1. Yarn over (yo) the crochet hook, insert the crochet hook into the designated stitch.
  2. Yo the crochet hook again, draw the yarn through the stitch, so there are 3 loops on the crochet hook
  3. Yo the crochet hook again, draw through 2 loops, so there are 2 loops on the crochet hook.
  4. Yo the crochet hook, draw through the final 2 loops.

Groups of double crochet s are worked together in one stitch when crocheting a granny square, and those groups of double crochets are referred to as double crochet clusters. In fact, double crochet stitches are the most used and most important stitch when making granny squares!

A double crochet stitch is abbreviated dc and is shown in crochet diagrams as a longer line with 2 smaller lines through it. The longer line can show the angle of the stitch, so it is important to pay attention to that detail.

How to Chain Stitch (ch):

A chain stitch is a simple crochet stitch that often serves as the foundation for other crochet stitches worked into a project.

  1. Make a slip knot.
  2. Yo (yarn over)
  3. Draw a loop of yarn back through the loop on the crochet hook. You have completed your first chain stitch.
  4. Yo and draw a loop through the loop on the crochet hook for each new chain stitch.

A chain stitch is abbreviated ch and is shown in crochet diagrams as a small oval shape.

How to Slip Stitch (sl st):

  1. Insert the crochet hook into the designated stitch
  2. Yo (yarn over) and pull back through the stitch and through the loop on the crochet hook.

A slip stitch is abbreviated sl st and is shown in crochet diagrams as a small solid dot.

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You’ll need just a few easy to find materials to be able to crochet granny squares. Below, we’ll discuss the easiest yarn and crochet hook size for a beginner to start crocheting a granny square with.

  • Yarn: The best yarn for a beginner to crochet a granny square project with is a worsted weight (#4 weight) yarn. But to be honest, a granny square can be crocheted with any weight yarn you wish.
  • Crochet Hook: The most common hook size used for a four weight yarn is a H 5 mm crochet hook. You can use whatever hook size you’d like. I suggest reading the yarn label of the yarn you pick for the crochet hook size that is recommended
  • Scissors: A nice pair of yarn scissors are great for cutting yarn ends when required.
  • Tapestry Needle: You will need this to weave in the yarn ends once you are done crocheting a granny square.

You may find occasionally you will need other supplies such as a gauge ruler or blocking board, both of which will help make your crochet granny square an even uniform size.

Printable granny square crochet pattern diagram Symbol Chart

Use the button below to get a free granny square pattern chart to print and use whenever you want to make a granny square design. I hope you enjoy this free granny square crochet pattern PDF!

granny square crochet pattern diagram
Get the classic granny square pattern diagram below!

More Free Granny Square Patterns and Motifs

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