The Best Books About Granny Squares

If you are looking for a great book to learn how to make granny squares or even expand your skills to more complex squares, then this is the list for you! One or all of these books would be a great addition to your crochet library.

Each of the crochet booklets below features different types of granny squares, from classic squares, to one stitch squares to more unique squares. While all the squares in these books are not the classic square, you think of when imagining a granny square, they are still included since they are usually referred to as a granny square as well.

Types of Patterns in a Granny Square Book

Keeping this in mind, you will find square patterns in the books below that include a variety of squares, shapes, and stitches.

  • One Stitch Square: One Stitch Squares like a moss stitch, single crochet square or half double crochet are sometimes included.
  • Other Shapes: Shapes like pentagons, hexagons, triangles and more.
  • Crochet Motifs: Even though these aren’t technically granny squares, the term is used interchangeably by some.
  • Patterns using Granny Squares: You may find some granny square patterns for curtains, blankets, and bags in these crochet books as well.

Top Crochet Granny Square Books

Take a look at some of the best crochet granny square books you can get to start your crochet square journey.

Granny Squares (20 Crochet Projects with a Vintage Vibe) Book

If you are looking for a more classic granny square to make, then this is the book for you!

This book includes 8 basic granny square patterns with 20 different projects to use them in.

The Granny Square Book

Be inspired to create a motif with this beautiful book about granny squares!

This book includes 100 granny square patterns with 25 different projects to use them in.

Crochet Granny Squares Book

This book about granny squares is ideal for beginners and for those more advanced crocheters as well.

This book about Crochet Granny Squares features 20 different granny square patterns on 64 pages.

The Big Book of Granny Squares

This book has a massive collection of granny square patterns and motifs. Yep, 365 of them! You can make a granny square each day of the year!

Each square has step-by-step instructions and is one of the biggest collections of granny squares in a book to date.

3D Granny Squares (100 Crochet Patterns for Pop-Up Granny Squares)

You’ll enjoy that this book takes a classic square and makes it 3D with each motif. Pick from motifs that feature rainbows, pineapples, spiders and more.

This book has 100 3D crocheted granny squares and 10 projects to make with the squares as well.

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You may find having a stitch dictionary also is a great help for understanding more complex stitches and techniques in these squares. My favorite is the A to Z of Crochet Guide.

More Free Crochet Square Patterns

If you loved these books, then take a look below to find more granny square motifs to make as well that are free here on the blog!

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